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Art, Science, Music, literature, factories, castles, museums,.. any subject and any space can be turned into a mesmerising experience attracting new visitors. Immersive Culture specializes in assembling a creative team for every project including artistic direction and technical supervision. To us, 360° immersive experiences and digital exhibitions are a new medium with which to tell stories and transport an audience into another world to provoke thought and emotion. 

Our concepts are created using a holistic approach, not only taking into account media production, but also the physical components of an experience, such as the architecture, furniture, which hardware can be used and how it can be installed. Then there is the music and spatialised sound effects which are incredibly important to create a successful experience. In French we call it ‘Scénographie Immersive’. We use it to tell a story.

the transformative power of experiences

In immersive experiences, there can be linear or non-linear story telling. We can use a voice over guiding us through an experience, or add an interactive layer and let an audience create their own story by interacting with real time generative content through movement, touch or speech. 

Some of our concepts will include the use of artificial intelligence, at the service of a creative vision, it is a very powerful tool to create content that adapts to an audience and creates unique experiences for every visitor, in an exhibition that is never the same.

In the end there is only one goal, whether we are showing flying acrobats from the works of Chagall or taking visitors to the edge of the universe. Through emotion, beauty and insight, we hope to offer a transformative experience that will provide a lasting souvenir, other than what you can get at the gift shop.


Contact us for more information on any of the below immersive exhibitions.

Ocean’s Immersive Experience

Exploring the earth’s Oceans no longer requires a submarine with tiny windows. Enjoy a 360° surrounding experience part filmed part 3D animated and experience the beauty of a family of whales migrating or the richness of the marine plankton eco-system. A digital exhibition that is mesmerising, innovative and highly educational.

360° Immersive Walkthrough for a Zoo

Interact with animated, hyperdetailed or artistic representations of wildlife. An opportunity to learn about different species in an aesthetically stunning experience.

The battle for Normandy – Coming 2024

An exhibition that takes you into the events and aftermath of D-Day. A moving, contemplative experience that seeks to keep the memory alive of those who fought for our freedoms. Digitally enhanced photographic material combined with realistic 3D animations, create a new type of experience to commemorate the battle of Normandy.

MC Esscher – Concept

Come and get enthralled by the patterns and seemingly endless repetitions of Escher’s revolutionary graphic art. His work that creates the illusion of perpetual movement on paper, flows into motion to the notes of a Bach concerto or free jazz, while being projected on the walls that surround the audience in this fully immersive art experience.

The Fermi Paradox – Coming 2024

If there are up to 40 billion earth-like worlds in our galaxy with the potential for intelligent life forms, a question arises: where is everybody? Statistically, there should be extra-terrestrial life much more advanced than us out there, yet we cannot find a sign of it. This is the Fermi Paradox. Our experience takes you to the edge of the galaxy to answer this question: are we really alone? Stunning 360° visuals and accompanied by a mesmerising soundtrack.

Mark Chagall

Very few artists’ work is as suitable to an immersive experience than that of Chagall. He painted a circus, you will be in it. From the opera roof of Garnier in Paris or the walls of the Met in New York, watch as his oeuvre comes to life and surrounds you to the music of his favourite composers.

AI Generative real time immersion

An interactive experience where the audience creates its own immersion through hyper sensitive microphones, direct input or through a BCI (Brain Computer Interface), allowing the AI to pick up on the audience’s words and emotions to create an endlessly renewable and always unique experience.

Univers Littéraire – A Writer’s World

Through a combination of manuscripts, animated notations, sketches, art work, music and a voice over, enter inside the literary work of our greatest writers. The sketches of Franz Kafka, the scribbling of Marcel Proust, all the art work created around the plays of Shakespeare. There is plenty of visual material to accompany a reading of the most beautiful texts by a famous actor, to enjoy an immersive literary experience, shared with an audience.

Cérémonie Immersive – Souvenir

Most religious buildings are an immersive experience in itself. Today, memorial services often take place outside of a religious edifice. An immersive ceremony can become a touching and deeply personal experience, celebrating life and offering a message of hope or love full of meaning, through the projection of texts, images, video accompanied by music.


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