Art, Science, Music, literature, factories, castles, museums,.. any subject and any space can be turned into a mesmerising experience attracting new visitors. Immersive Culture specializes in assembling a creative team for every project including artistic direction and technical supervision. To us, 360° immersive experiences and digital exhibitions are a new medium with which to tell stories and transport an audience into another world to provoke thought and emotion.

Our concepts are created using a holistic approach, not only taking into account media production, but also the physical components of an experience, such as the architecture, furniture, which hardware can be used and how it can be installed. Then there is the music and spatialised sound effects which are incredibly important to create a successful experience. In French we call it ‘Scénographie Immersive’. We use it to tell a story.


In immersive experiences, there can be linear or non-linear story telling. We can use a voice over guiding us through an experience, or add an interactive layer and let an audience create their own story by interacting with real time generative content through movement, touch or speech.

Some of our concepts will include the use of artificial intelligence, at the service of a creative vision, it is a very powerful tool to create content that adapts to an audience and creates unique experiences for every visitor, in an exhibition that is never the same.

In the end there is only one goal, whether we are showing flying acrobats from the works of Chagall or taking visitors to the edge of the universe. Through emotion, beauty and insight, we hope to offer a transformative experience that will provide a lasting souvenir, other than what you can get at the gift shop.


When we work with our partners on an immersive project – first we listen. Then we imagine. We believe that the story to be told has to be the foundation of the experience. Only when the concept is approved by all involved: client, scientific committee, brand representatives, artists, rightholders, partners and organisers, we move forward with production and installation. Below you will find a schematic overview of all the steps involved in this process.

    We look at your project and distill from it a unique angle for an immersive story to be told as well as the best way to present it to the audience.
    We will produce concept images and work together with architects, designers and museum staff or research teams to create a visually stunning exhibition experience
    Film production, 3D animation, hardware building and testing. During production phase, we make what we designed and prepare it to be used in its destination.
    Every immersive experience needs audiovisual systems to be installed and to be able to run smoothly without causing any suspense in disbelief from the audience.
    All systems will be fully tested in our workshop, but the final test is done on-site. Adjustments to atmospheric lighting and image callibration are done in realtime to ensure the aesthetic aspect of the experience.
    On time through careful planning and timely execution. We help our clients to communicate on the newly installed experience by providing media assets produced for or in parallel with the experience to be shared online or on any communication channel necessary.
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