D-DAY IMMERSIVE (coming 2024)

An exhibition that takes you into the events and aftermath of D-Day. A moving, contemplative experience that seeks to keep the memory alive of those who fought for our freedoms. Digitally enhanced photographic material combined with realistic 3D animations, create a new type of experience to commemorate the battle of Normandy.

An Immersive exhibition is above all a contemplative experience. One is awed by the monumentality of the images displayed, which match the importance and grandeur of the historical events.


D-Day Immersive


Caen – France


Immersive Culture

The subject of the Second World War necessitates a particular approach, which leaves room for commemoration and which will above all seek to provoke an emotional response. When you enter a large open space with projections all around, it is comparable to entering a church with colored stained glass windows, the purpose of which was also to tell a story. The public immediately becomes fully silent and allows itself to be carried away by the surrounding music, sound effects and images of a story that is bound to make an impact.

Our approach to content creation is to respect both the memory and historical accuracty of the subject. We work in close in close collaboration with a scientific team for the creation and selection of texts and images.

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