One of the human mind’s greatest achievements, Dante’s Divina Commedia is a literary master piece of visual storytelling, written and composed in the 16th century. Throughout centuries, readers have joined Virgil and Dante on their journey into Inferno, Dante’s hell. Now, for the first time, it becomes possible to do so in a fully immersive way during a digital exhibition that will take visitors into this poetic master piece and experience the rennaissance vision of hell.

Using voice overs reading excerpts of Dante’s verse both in Italian and the visitors’ language, theatrical music and disorientating animations of both exisiting and newly created art work, one can accompany Dante and Virgil on their journey into hell and experience the full poetic and narrative power of the Divina Commedia. This immersive experience is a filmic art work in itself and an ode to the literary genius of Dante Alighieri at the same time.
It will make accessible the story of rennaissance fear and redemption to a wider public, in a radically new way to experience art and literature.

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