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Ensor 2024 - An Immersive Musical Journey to the Belgian fin de siècle

The link between pictorial arts and music has not been brought to the spotlight very often in exhibitions on famous painters or artists. Paintings aren’t equipped with loud speakers. Immersive exhibitions can however, not only bring to life different elements in a composition, but accompany them by music that has played a role in the artist’s life, creating a new experiential way of seeing and experiencing a work of art, through immersive media, providing the audience another way into the works of an artist they know and love.

Ensor composed his own music and when we look at his paintings, the musicality of his pencil strokes and use of colour seems self-evident. Whether it’s his delicate piano compositions, or the sounds of a 19th century Belgian fanfare and parade, if ever there was an artist whose paintings could come alive, it would be James Ensor.


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